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Skater Boy: Book 1 X-Treme Boys Series (Volume 1)

Skater Boy - Kay Manis Skater Boy by Kay Manis

I’ve always been a sucker for romance but don’t get chance to read them much anymore, that makes them all the more enjoyable when I do. Skater boy was a totally unexpected romance! It is no secret that I don’t read the blurb for any book I read, I kind of like the surprise! I choose my books purely from the cover alone and if I’m honest if I was perusing the shelves this would not be a book I’d pick up… Wow what a mistake that would be! I just assumed from the picture on the front that it would be about teenagers in a skate park doing everything teenage, a kind of coming of age drama from a male POV…How wrong am I.

Hindley was not a teenager, she was a professional, a lawyer and she was very straight laced. Rory the 24-year-old bad boy, but trying to reform, was a professional top ranking sportsman. I’d like to say that you wouldn’t put the pair together but I know opposites attract and the unlikeliest pairing is usually the most dynamic. I loved these two, they were the perfect match. I loved that both of them had insecurities, neither of them was overly cocky or confident, and that just made them feel all the more real.

This book was perfect for me, apart from the way it ended, but that can be forgiven as I have book two waiting for me to start right now. I loved everything about it and can’t wait to start on book two ‘My Skater Boy’.

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