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Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren

Okay, so I am guilty of being a really big Twilight fan, and on the back of that I spent many an afternoon reading Twific and did fall in love with MOTU (AKA FSoG to those few who don’t know!!) so when I started to read Beautiful bastard I did so while looking to find the feeling I got on reading both those series’ for the first time. I didn’t however realise at that point that this was another piece of FanFic that managed to sprout wings and find a publishing deal…. Not that I mind FanFic being published, hey HUGE Fifty fan here, and I really don’t want to jump on the angry train of this debate and the moral and legal issues surrounding the publishing of what is not deemed ‘original’ material. Personally I don’t feel that fanfic, although based on previously developed characters, isn’t original, I see no similarities between Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey, or between Harry Potter and City of Bones, so really can’t see how the stories themselves cannot be deemed as original. Anyway all that aside its fanfic roots is not the reason this book didn’t work for me.

I just did not find Mr. Ryan appealing, his arrogant attitude was plain rude and his penchant for collecting worn knickers was just a little nasty to me. Its original title ‘The Office’ was more fitting, because no matter how good looking Ben was his personality would make him UGLY, though yep, the man is a Bastard (with a capital B) but the OFFICE sex was just monotonous. Where was his respect for the girl, couldn’t he at least take her to lunch in a hotel room and do the dirty between the sheets occasionally?

I didn’t find a story, was there one? Educated girl goes to work for asshole boss, they hate each other but can’t keep off each others genitals. They have lots of mediocre sex with a large amount of ripped knickers and no one, including me can understand the attraction. They do fall in love after they fall out, but that just changes the sex from hate sex to make up sex and either way it bored me and did not a story make. I’m so disappointed I had such high hopes for this one.