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Screaming in the Silence

Screaming in the Silence - Lydia Kelly I read the 'Booksie' version of this book

The title is perfect for this book and I really like it. ‘Screaming in the silence’, pure genius, fits the story so well.

What I enjoyed most was the original plot, I have read many, many books but never one even remotely similar to this storyline. The plot is so horrifying and so well written that my heart bled for Raleigh the torture she went through was horrifying. My feelings were confused though because although I hurt for her I began to like Kaden which made me feel odd, after all he was a cruel, kidnapping rapist and I should have felt nothing but hatred towards him.

I never knew from one chapter to the next what was going to happen it was so unpredictable, right up to the last chapter, the last sentence, the last word! I was never sure where the story would go.

Oddly enough I was happy with the way the book went, it seemed so right for Marshal and Kaden to get away scott free even though they’d been instrumental in Raleigh’s ordeal because it was quite clear that Ray was the ‘baddie’ in this story and the only way for a good outcome would be for him to die.

I would have liked a little more information on Ray and Marshal, why did Ray decide to kill himself? There was nothing to indicate he was going to come to that decision during his last conversation with Kaden, it seemed more likely that he was going to shoot Kaden or Raleigh rather than himself so I felt a little let down by that particular scene, perhaps if we had been given a paragraph from Ray’s POV we could have gotten more of a feel of his emotions at that time.

Marshal seemed to be cut off rather quickly, he went home. Was that back to his fathers house? Did he manage to recover from the emotional damage the last 2 months had caused? I was left wondering about him because he just seemed to be forgotten in chapter 26!

All in all I think it was the best most unpredictable different read I’ve had in a very long time.