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Wow where to begin!

The last thing I want to do is write a really negative review of ‘Reasons on my wrist’ because there was something about it that kept me turning the pages and not want to put the book down.

There were so many errors in it though, that it tells me no-one edited it before sending it out there. The grammar was shockingly bad, there were many words misused or missed out completely and the very last section of ‘part one’ was so jumbled I became totally confused!…….My impression of the writer from the immature way it was worded is that she must be quite young, perhaps late teens. (I say ‘she’ I don’t know for sure but feel it was written by a female.)

The story itself was very moving, it’s about a self-harming teenager who attempts suicide on numerous occasions. Some very odd things happen in this girls life many of which seem quite unlikely. She randomly moves into her friend Karen’s house after an argument with her mum. This is a strange situation, Karen’s parents were very young (13years old) when they’d had her and the marriage was failing plus there was another troubled teen (Betsy)- who wasn’t theirs – living at their house too. It was all very odd. Cassie’s relationship with Karen’s father turned in the wrong direction and continued to be weird after Karen was killed in a car accident.

Part 2 took us to one year later, and although she had managed to get her life together during that last year it now began to fall apart again, and had devastating consequences when she reverted back to her old ways of self harming to cope with her life.

At the end of the book the author Racaneya asks us a number of questions about the book:-

1) What are your thoughts on the new ending? Are you shocked? Amazed? Angry? Happy? Do you think Cassie deserved what she got or do you think life handed her an evil card?

I have only read this version so can’t comment on the changed ending but I was shocked with what happened to her, it was quite horrific.
No-one deserves such an awful thing to happen to them, she was clearly mentally ill and needed help so is not to blame for her fate.

2) How would you have ended the story?

I am ever the optimist so would have given Cassie a happy ending where she and Jordan were happily married. She would not have returned home and made that final cut, although she would still struggle not to harm herself when she felt life was out of her control, Jordan would be there to help her through it.

3) Who do you think Cassie should have ended up with? Now do you think Jordan really loved Cassie or did Raymond?

Jordan loved her. Raymond was disturbed and infatuated, he didn’t love her.

4) If you were Cassie what would you tell her?

Tell who?? I don’t understand the question.

5) Do you think Cassie was a bad soul or a good soul?

All souls begin good, Cassie had a difficult life, she was a troubled soul.