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Spartan Heart (Spartan Heart, #2)

Spartan Heart (Spartan Heart, #2) - Kristine Cheney Thankfully part 2 picked up exactly were part 1 had left me hanging from the rafters by my fingernails. . . . . Evan was in a very dangerous situation with Phillip and the life of her unborn babies was at risk………. Dorien came just in the nick of time to save her after she had accidentally fallen down the stairs and was left injured and bleeding. I lost a bit of respect for Dorien at this point because he was angry when he discovered Evan had been keeping her pregnancy a secret from him and almost killed her in his temper while trying to read her mind …….I can’t tell you the names I was calling him as I read, I expected more self control from my Spartan warrior!!!

The story moved on steadily with lots of action, Phillip and Dorien turned out to be old friends and decided they would go back to the field where they had been found in search of their three friends who they were sure had also been victims of Demona’s curse.

The pace really picked up after the pair married and I was tripping over myself in my eagerness to find out what happened next. There were happy times but there were also some very sad moments and the description of Evans intense labour was really urm well ‘intense’!!

There were twists and turns towards the end which I had in no way predicted that kept me turning the pages to the very end. Part 2 completes the story but still leaves room for a continued series which I look forward to reading. xx