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Dark Side Of The Mirror (Emily's War)

Dark Side Of The Mirror (Emily's War) - R.L. Austin This book is ideal for older children (aged 10 and over) the simple vocabulary makes it easy to read and understand. The pace is steady and the detail is minimal. The story is unusual and I haven’t come across anything like it before.

Emily moves to San Francisco with her family to live with her uncle. It’s clear from the outset that he is a little strange and its not long before weird things start to happen around the house. After she starts hearing voices through mirrors Emily’s parents think the move has affected Emily emotionally and send her to see a psychiatrist, this soon makes her realise it’s best not to tell people about what she hears! One day while using the hall mirror the voice from inside speaks directly to her which hadn’t happened before, usually the voices didn’t address her personally and at this point her relationship with Tyler begins………

I enjoyed the easy dialogue between the characters and though there wasn’t excessive detail given throughout the book I was still able to build a vivid picture of Emily’s home in my mind. There was suspense and drama and Emily’s inability to make friends in her new neighbourhood made me connect with and feel for her character emotionally.

The book ends on a positive note but leaves us with a number of unanswered questions and the feeling that this is just the start of a series about Emily and her inherited ‘gift’. I look forward to reading the next instalment!