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Song of Eldolons

Song Of Eidolons - Jessica McHugh
Delaney (love the name btw!) is twenty-two years old and lives with her Grandfather ‘Dags’. Because he worries about her safety, Delaney has never been allowed to leave the house. She spends her time reading and has never questioned the fact that she can’t go out. Then one day while looking out of the window, she sees children ‘outside’ flying a kite and looking happy. This makes her wonder if the outside world is really as bad as Dags has told her and for the first time she questions his reasons. After some convincing he finally allows Delaney to go to college for a writing course and it’s not long before she realises just how dangerous the world can be…

When I began to read the forward of this book I thought ‘oh no’ this is going to be a hard read with sentences like …‘Legends are often malleable and ambitiously fashioned to a desired accord, but contrarily, they also possess a resolute strength: an iron backbone that never bends and never breaks’…… It’s just too deep for me haha and making me have to really think about what I’m reading can be quite tiresome if all I’m looking for is an entertaining read. Glad to say I was wrong!

Once I met Delaney in chapter 2 I was instantly intrigued and curious as to why she had been kept imprisoned in the house for so long. I imagined her dreams were somehow relevant to the reason, perhaps a past life? or her life in another realm? Whatever it was I had to know. The prose was much more natural and easier to read in the main body of the book than in the forward….phew!!

Having now read 3 Jessica McHugh books I am in awe of this ladies work……..each book so different, yet just as entertaining and gripping as the one before. I find it difficult to pigeon hole her into a specific genre because this book would not fit in the same pile as ‘rabbits in the Garden’ (which up to now is definitely my favourite JM book) but according to Miss McHugh’s Goodreads description she ‘is an author of speculative fiction that spans the genre from horror and alternate history to epic fantasy’… Of course!.. Now why did I not realise that!!

So, ‘Song’s of Eidolons’ summed up in one sentence…. It’s an intriguing, entertaining, mystical, gripping imaginative read with a surprising conclusion!