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Doppelganger Experiment

Doppelganger Experiment - Margaret A. Millmore After being involved in a hit and run accident Jane wakes up from a four week long coma suffering with severe memory loss. She meets Michael, her husband of two years but is wary when she has no recollection of him at all. At least three years of Jane’s life are missing and we follow her as she tries to remember that time.

The book is written from Jane’s POV and I managed to connect with her, feeling her confusion and uncertainty as she reconnected with the people in her life. Once Jane leaves the hospital she soon realises that she is being followed and as her memory slowly returns she learns that her accident may not really have been accidental. The plot is quite intricate with twists and turns and lots information to keep track of that kept me reading and needing to know the outcome.

It was definitely a complicated and interesting plot that kept me guessing right to the very end but I did have a major ‘gripe’ with this book’. The description is too much…the excessive details of things like the colour of the paint on the walls, stroking the cat, pushing the button on the key fob to open the car and the size of parking spaces etc was totally unnecessary and slowed the pace of the story down, it made the book feel ‘over written’ which was quite irritating...there was almost a full chapter describing Jane’s house giving us a floor plan and décor down to the colour of the paint work and none of it had any bearing on the story what so ever and was not needed. I had to try to ignore all the twaddle to stop me from being distracted from the story. It is for this reason that I am down rating the book from a 4* to a 3*

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