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Yven (Tales of Dominhydor, #2)

Yven (Tales of Dominhydor, #2) - Jessica McHugh


The dream that brought Maladrid and Yven together also tore them apart, but their tale isn't nearly over. When Yven, Queen of the Hohmara, discovers the truth in the story Maladrid left behind, she sets out with her childhood friend, Dordin, to fight the darkness in Lochydor and accept the fact that the man she feels destined to love will never be hers. The second installment in the "Tales of Dominhydor" series reunites the fellowship formed in "Maladrid" and introduces a few new faces, including one that seems a bit too familiar for the Queen's comfort. An arduous journey of strength and emotion, "Yven" brings dream to reality as the battle for Dominhydor truly begins.

I found Yven a much easier read than Maladrid for a number of reasons. The writing in this, the second of the series, was more in keeping with what I had come to enjoy from JM. It flowed well for me and didn’t jump around as much as the previous book had. The place and character names that had confused me in the first book didn’t do that quite as much in this one, perhaps that’s because they had become more familiar to me now and not quite so foreign!

I was able to build up a picture of Dominhydor in my mind from the vivid description and I connected with Yven, feeling her concerns over the enormity of her newly acquired responsibilities following her fathers death. The worry she felt about not being able to live-up to her own expectations of ‘herself’, more than the expectations her ‘people’ had of her.

The series is not one of my favourites but I will read the last book ‘Palaplia’ in the hope to find out more about the life of Yvens son Telinhe and gain insight into Maladrids relationship with Palaplia.

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