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Home alone one night Darci was suddenly woken up by a strange noise, grabbing a hockey stick as a weapon she nervously searched the house. In one of the rooms she saw an odd green light behind a flapping curtain and cautiously went to investigate. The light was a portal into another world called Nahaba, which had accidentally been opened up by a young apprentice wizard named Taslessian. Of course Darci didn’t know this so when she got too close she was pulled into the other realm. Once Darci and Taslessian realised what had happened they went to see Belderon (Taslessian’s Master) in the hope he could send Darci back home but his magic wasn’t powerful enough so he sent them on a quest to see Grisham the most powerful dragon in the land. Getting to the Dragons lair was no easy feat there were warlocks and dragons determined to stop them and claim Darci as their own prize because ‘other worlders’ were a very rare and coveted possession. Things become more complicated for the pair when they finally make it to Grishams lair only to discover even his power isn’t enough to send Darci home and there is more the pair must endure before she can go back……

Darci has a very down to earth personality, she was stressed about what she was wearing just like any normal sixteen year old would be and she was amused by Taslessians embarrassment. Sarcasm and humour were a big part of her character making her very likable. Taslessian was a cutie, he was such a prude, every time he saw Darci in less clothes than was the norm’ in his world he blushed and that made me smile…….it was so endearing!!! In the beginning he kind of felt like a bumbling fool, after all initially we are led to believe it was his error that had brought Darci here but once Belderon had sacrificed himself to save Darci, Taslessian seemed to gain confidence in himself and actually appeared to know what he was doing. It was interesting to watch how both of them grew and learned from their mistakes. There was a hint of romance but it didn’t take off really which is fine for the age range that this book is aimed at.

It was really odd because when I started to read this book there was a distinct Enid Blyton feel to the writing and then blow me down did the author not make a reference to Enid Blyton’s ‘faraway tree’!!!….the irony!!!…I grew up reading ‘Naughty Amelia Jane’, ‘The Wishing Chair’ and ‘The Famous Five’ etc. and reading this book took me right back to those days. Writing styles have changed enormously since then so reading a story with that ‘feel’ about it made it seem dated somehow, it’s hard to explain…… the writing is very clean cut if you know what I mean not quite as gritty as the style we are used to today. There is action and humour and all kinds of typical other world creatures like elves and wizards and dragons that make this an interesting read and I think it is suitable for kids as young as eleven or twelve as well as YA.

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