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When Tallen and her family said no to Slevin, the son of a rich merchant, they didn’t realise just how severe the repercussions would be. After an attack instigated by the spoiled man who is used to getting his own way, Tallen is left injured and alone, she vows revenge on the man and all who helped him burn her home to the ground. Help came in the form of John, one of Slevins men who realised how wrong the situation was and instead of following orders he took Tallen away to protect her and let her heal. They go on a journey together with Wanderer, Tallens puppy.

At sixteen years old, Tallen is a really strong and likable character she’s tough and a bit of a tom boy who learned to fight along side her brothers. I liked her and connected with her immediately. The relationship she had with the boys, Patet and Beral was everything you’d want from siblings…humorous, competitive respectful and the love between them was palpable. The family had a really happy feel to it.

The story was a bit slow in the beginning but once it did start….. wow it really took off I was itching to find out what happened and couldn’t predict the story from one page to the next. After it’s slow start the story was really fast pace with lot’s of action, and quite a bit of fighting but thankfully the violence wasn’t too gory. It was at times very sad but emotionally it was well balanced with happy times too. I enjoyed meeting Taslessian from book one and overall I think this is a much more interesting read than the first instalment.

The book is well written with a developed plot, and the series is proving to be a very interesting one. I like the fact that this part of the story was finished….even though it didn’t end how I wanted it to! I also liked the inclusion of the epilogue. I’m looking forward to the next book.

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