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Gabriel's Chalice

Gabriel's Chalice - Frank A. Ruffolo In 2028 Dr. Raphael Matteo goes on a mission to the moon but as volcano’s erupt all over earth and fears of another ice age grow, the Dr. is told he may have to cut short his visit and return home earlier than planned. While doing tests on the moons surface, along side diamonds and rust in the moons rocks the Dr. and his crew find an altar containing a Chalice. Suddenly a bright light appears and the men hear a voice telling them he is Gabriel and the ground they are on is consecrated. The men can’t believe their luck and take the chalice back with them to their base. It’s not long before things on Earth worsen and Matt has to return home taking the Chalice with him.

A very unique story and I can honestly say I have never read anything like it before….. After they had taken the chalice it was as if one of the seven seals had been broken and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse were let lose on the Earth! The ash cloud created by the volcano’s was effecting the growth of food (Famine) pneumonia and AID’s grew rampant across the world (Disease) killing millions of people (Death) and finally (Conquest) when the cross shone from the moon towards Earth dispersing the ash cloud.

This book is filled with religion, there are pilgrimages and prophecies and it has quite a complicated plot. The pace is steady and the prose flows okay, if this is your genre of choice you would probably find it quite interesting. It isn’t what I normally read ……… (this will not affect my rating)

I did have one issue with the book and that was the lack of explanation of the initialisms and acronyms, we all know what NASA and SUV stand for, but USGS or CDC etc are not necessarily known by the general world population so I think it would have been nice for the author to have bracketed the meaning immediately after their first use to make it easier for the reader to understand. By the way the cover art is beautiful.

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