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Committed - John W. Mefford 3.5*

Michael Doyle is having a bad week, first he finds out his job is on the line because of a company take over bid, and then, on a rainy day he finds the body of one of his co-workers in an alleyway. Concussed and unsettled over the discovery, Michael can’t get the image of the dead girls arm out of his head and takes it on himself to find out what happened to her.

This is a steady paced thriller with mystery and suspense, conspiracies and corporate greed. It has a complicated plot with unforeseen twists and turns, and I didn’t predict the outcome (I’m not an experienced crime reader though and only have a few under my belt so my opinion on hidden clues and red herrings is not reliable!)

Michael and Melissa both have their hang-ups but still we see romance and love in their relationship. Being a romantic at heart I had high hopes for this pair and hoped they could both lay their demons to rest, you will have to read the book to see if that worked out for me!!

This is a quick read with short chapters, technically the writing is great and it is well edited but overall it felt quite formal and not as relaxed as the writing I normally read. This may be typical of the genre which isn’t my usual choice. The characters were well developed and real and most of the dialogue was believable. I am definitely starting to enjoy this type of story and will be adding more crime/thriller/mystery to my TBR pile.

Copy supplied for review. Thank you