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Three Steps Into Darkness - Emma Elliott This is a coming of age drama about the girl next door. Eryc and Makayla grew up as best friends living next door to each other but when they went to high school Makayla decided that Eryc wasn’t cool so she dropped him in her bid to become popular like Thaddeus her twin brother. The start of senior year found them sharing classes and reluctantly they had to sit beside each other. When the twins Mum is in a car accident Eric does the decent thing, driving them to the hospital in the middle of the night and staying with Makayla while her brother drowns his sorrows in alcohol. We soon learn that ‘Kayla has more skeletons in her closet and the consequences of her summer are going to put Eric’s friendship to the test once more.

Forgiven was written in a style that I didn’t really like, the sentences didn’t flow well for me, they felt abrupt and choppy and the story felt rushed and matter of fact rather than reading like a novel that was written for me to enjoy. I felt like I was being taught a lesson in morality, how I should follow ‘God’s’ rules or else!! Don’t get me wrong I don’t object to people’s belief in ‘God’ and I do believe we should love our neighbour and treat people with respect, but there are ways to get this message across effectively without quoting the bible to me, because that for me personally is just annoying.

There is nothing unique about this story, it’s similar to many stories I have read in the past. Eryc, the son of a Pastor is the squeaky clean 18 yr old virgin who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage and Makayla is the typical 18 yr old who wants to be popular, have boyfriends and live life to the full. Makayla has to pay the price for her ‘free’ living and the ever reliable Eryc is there for her ‘almost’ unconditionally, I say almost because there is one major part of the story where he believes she did something terrible so he walked away and only came back when he found out she hadn’t done it.

So if you want to give your teenage daughter a lesson in the evil of boys sex and alcohol you can always let her read this short book and hope that it doesn’t totally mess her head up for the rest of time, making her believe boys are bad and alcohol is evil. Teenagers can have fun as long as they exercise caution, use common sense and always carry condoms!!