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Remembering Zane - J.S. Wilsoncroft 4.5*

Bonnie is devastated by the tragic death of her one true love, Zane. We follow her as she struggles through the days and weeks and learn how she comes to terms with the situation.

This is a very moving short story, the description made it easy for me to put myself in Bonnie’s place and feel her pain. The way smells and colours reminded her of him were true to life and I found those scenes heart wrenching. There were some points that I was unsure of their relevance to the story for instance Bonnies day trip to the ER, I’m not quite sure why it was in there it seemed to steal precious time from the main body of the story and her accidental overdose was very random, and without reason.

The thing I like about novella’s is also the thing I don’t like about them………their length!! I like the fact that we get to the conclusion quickly; I read this in under an hour, but sometimes (if the story grips me) the length makes me feel short changed. This is one of those times, I wanted to read more, I wanted more detail, I wanted more of the good stuff !!! I feel this could easily have been stretched into a full length novel, giving the characters more depth and allowing us to savour the story rather than rushing through it……..This is a good comment by the way because it means I was enjoying the read and didn’t want it to end quite so soon!

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