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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After - Edward H. Carpenter This short fairytale spoof is very well written and humorous, we have a very grumpy evil princess who wants to take over the land and is everything that our usual fairytale princesses are not! After marrying a young Prince; who didn’t live long enough to become King, she has to find another way to make herself Queen! A ‘hunting’ trip in the dark-forest with her favourite huntsman (wink, wink) was enough to suffice as it ends in a fatal accident for her father and leaves her mother (with the help of our princess) literally dying of a broken heart. Hey-Presto she suddenly finds herself Queen!! Now the fun really begins, she searches for a witch to help her and before long, with a trail of bodies in her wake, her wish to rule her world is fulfilled.

I was surprised with how entertained I was by this story, I didn’t think I would be…….I’m a little old for fairy tales………. But not this one! Mr Carpenter is clearly a quick-witted and talented writer with a vivid imagination and the ability to get that across on paper. It would be interesting to see a full length novel from him.

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