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Farsighted (Farsighted, #1)

Farsighted (Farsighted, #1) - Emlyn Chand Alex Kosmitoras is a blind teenager who goes to a regular school, this brings with it all kinds of complications. The other students either ignore or tease him in equal proportions and the teachers seem to find his special needs a bit of a chore. Alex’s Dad is out of work putting a financial strain on the family, and his mum is overly protective putting a strain on Alex!! The first day of the new school year brings hope for Alex when Simmi the new girl in class talks to him and doesn’t seem to mind that he can’t see her. When Alex starts to have visions; images that flash in his mind of Simmi’s death, he seeks the help of Miss Teak (the local psychic) to find out their meaning and learns he isn’t the only person in town with ‘second sight’.

I have to start by saying what a fantastic job Emlyn did writing this book from the POV of a blind person. I have never read anything like it before and imagine it must have been very difficult to describe everything that happens without any visual aids yet still be able to paint a full picture for the reader by only describing touch, sounds and smells. I thought that was pretty amazing to be honest!

As far as the plot was concerned I was disappointed, it had the potential to be great but fell a little flat for me. I felt myself trying to hurry things along to get to the point, to find out exactly why Simmi was in danger, the flashes of insight Alex kept having started to annoy me with their lack of answers. The story really dragged in places and didn’t move on fast enough for me. Some of the details bugged me a bit, like the fact that Alex was so powerful that he attracted Miss Teak and Shapri all the way from India, yet hadn’t attracted anyone from the next state! Some things just felt unnecessary. Why did his dad spoon feed Miss Teak information about Alex’s visions instead of helping him himself? Once Alex’s abilities had manifested themselves there was no longer a need to keep his own ‘esp’ secret from Alex, so it didn’t make sense that he wouldn’t come clean.

Overall I enjoyed the book, the basic idea was interesting and unique, the writing flowed well and the characters were fully developed. I am curious enough about what happens next to pick up the sequel as soon as it’s available.