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Melody of the Dark: The Chronicles of Midgard

Melody of the Dark: The Chronicles of Midgard - Melissa Sasina 3.5*

Melody of the Dark is book two in the Cronicles of Midgard. It’s two years later and Maeja has recovered from her near fatal injuries inflicted by Severus. Maeja, Connor and Linkyn need to come out of hiding, exposing themselves to the Empire who hunts them by agreeing to enter the Honor Battles in their bid to get Thor’s hammer…….. but someone has followed them and Maeja has a whole lot more trouble around her than she realises.

Book two has a very eye catching front cover, it is totally different from the cover of book one (which has a very pretty cover) but if I saw them side by side in a book store I wouldn’t think they are two books from the same series, they are so totally different in style, I would normally expect to see something in common to link a series just to make it easier for the buyer. (Since I wrote this review both books, 1 & 2 have had new covers so this comment no-longer applies.)

Like the first book this has quite a complicated plot and in some parts I found it hard to follow, I felt the story took a while to get going and the pace didn’t seem to pick up at all throughout the book. Unlike book one which was fairly fast paced with lots of action this one was more laid back with a long build up to any of the showdowns.

Melissa Sasina has a unique writing style that shows in both books that I have read by her and it flows in an easy way. The dialogue felt real and natural and the characters were well developed. I enjoyed seeing Ril back in this book, his humour and playful attitude gives some lifts to the mood in what is overall a serious storyline, and he has become my favourite character! On the whole this book is a ‘good’ read but for me it lacked the spark and edge that I got from book one. Sorry.

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