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The Haunting (Short Stories)

The Haunting (Short Stories) - Alex Knight


A collection of ghost stories:-

The Haunting…… Lawrence answers an ad’ in the paper for a long term live in acting job with a difference, he is to haunt a house and convince the paying public the ghost is real.
On The Rocks….. Morgan just wants to get some nice shots of the beautiful landscape and can’t understand how the mystery man on his horse manages to appear in the back drop of every single photograph!
The Club Car….. Gillian died in a car accident on her wedding night. Talking to a stranger on a train helped her husband come to terms with his loss.
Phantom phantasy….. A husband. A mistress. A pregnant wife and a new house…….. a fantastic combination for a ghostly story….but which person does the haunting?
Falling….. After being stuck in her room over Christmas with a broken ankle Rosie was determined to attend the New Years Eve ball, and make it down the stairs unaided…… and hopefully without taking another tumble!
Last Year….. A chance meeting in a café and an icy road all mix in to create this sad tale.

The first story ‘The Haunting’ was my favourite. It was the most unusual ghost story I’ve read and I did not expect the ending at all. ‘On the Rocks’ was a little predictable and ‘The Club Car’ confused the hell out of me! What I thought was happening didn’t happen……..I don’t think it did anyway!! I enjoyed the ‘Phantom Phantasy’ because there is nothing better than payback. ‘Falling …….. well it fell a little flat for me and ‘Last year’……. To be honest by this point I think I’d had my fill of ghost stories.

Overall the book was well written and quite entertaining. I don’t normally read short story compilations but I did like the fact that when you have five minutes spare you can pick up the book and read a whole story. I think for me I may have found it more interesting if the stories didn’t follow the same theme, it kind of felt repetitive even though each plot was different the ‘shock’ value was lost after the first one, maybe that’s why it was my favourite, it had the ‘oh wow’ factor that the others did not.

Copy supplied for review.