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Shameful - Dicey Grenor For open-minded over 18’s only!

Joanne is a desperate housewife with an absent army husband and though financially secure she is most certainly not happy. Feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated a moments loss of concentration during the drive home from a weekend with the in-laws changes her life in ways she never imagined.

Dicey has hit on a very controversial subject here that could possibly offend some readers………I on the other hand am not offended! But that’s easy to say because the age of consent in the UK is sixteen so in my world the issues raised may be immoral but they are not illegal!

DG did a wonderful job in building Joanne’s character, letting us get to know her as a Mother and a wife with high moral standards before we had to watch her very cringe worthy downfall to ‘paedophile’. It was quite disturbing to see because I had become so attached to her that it felt like I was witnessing a friend choose a path that could not end well but I was unable to prevent her from making the mistake. I understand why Dicey did this, and it worked…… if I hadn’t connected with Joanne at the beginning it would have been easy to condemn her for what she was thinking about doing, but once I knew her it wasn’t quite so black and white……….the waters were murky and I had to question if we have the right to generalise and judge!

This was an easy one to rate, no ifs and buts it gets 5 Stars and it’s worthy of every one of them! I couldn’t read fast enough to see what happened, its written in a style that suits my reading and the plot was unpredictable from beginning to end. Dicey Grenor has a very warped mind, she aims to shock in her work and shameful surprised the hell out of me! Oddly the most horrifying bit in the book that I found was not the intimacy between our two MC’s, it was a scene that involved Joanne’s daughter Shimmer that finally had me dying ten thousand deaths and blushing even though I was alone when I read it and if I’m honest had me feeling very uncomfortable! ( I will not explain further… no spoilers here!!!)

Love can be forbidden for many reasons and there will be opposing sides on every issue. Shameful is ultimately a romance concentrating on a relationship that is ‘forbidden’ and I’m sure this fact alone will bring with it some negative comments and reviews. For me the book shocked me, surprised me, saddened me and made me smile. I found it such an emotional journey that I am moved by the book and that is what I look for when I read….Wow!