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The Rise Of Majick (The Majick Series)

The Rise Of Majick (The Majick Series) - Jay Taylor This is a fast paced adventure story based in a land full of magical beings, trolls demons, dragons and more. The story of destiny and bringing balance back to a conflicted world is not a unique idea and I have read a number of fantasy books with similar story lines where our hero’s journey is spent fighting a number of different evils to stand up for what they believe is right. Yes some of the creatures were new to me, as were most of the names and the spelling of ‘magic’…. same theme not so varied variation!

I have one major gripe that I may not have noticed if I had ‘read’ all this book but parts of it I ‘listened’ to using the speech enable function on my kindle, which I think highlighted the problem for me……… There was a section where ‘Hunt’ and ‘Barron’ were speaking with the Tar Dragon Slyth, at this point I was listening and the word ‘said’ popped up so often that it frustrated me. The odd alternative was used, ‘asked’ and ‘added’ for instance but it was already in my head and during the rest of the book I was distracted by counting the word ‘said’.

On the whole this is an ‘okay’ read it was interesting enough to entertain, but not original enough to be unpredictable. The writing style is comfortable but I did find parts of the plot quite chaotic and confusing. I didn’t find excessive formatting, punctuation or grammar errors but did feel the vocabulary was limited which I felt let the book down.

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