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The Loyal Heart

The Loyal Heart - Merry Farmer
When Ethan returns home from the crusades, he discovers his home has been reclaimed and a new Lord has been appointed in his place. He also discovers that the new adversary in town ‘the Derbywood bandit’ is not a man but is Lady Aubrey; the sister of his old friend and neighbour. Crispin, the man Ethan believes killed his father now lives in his home and acts like he’s Lord of the Manor. Much seems to have changed in the two years Ethan has been away!

I think I was expecting a run of the mill romance when I picked up this book but that isn’t what I got. ‘The Loyal Heart’ is kind of a reverse adaptation of ‘Robin hood prince of Thieves’……..Our Robin is a tough female who disguises herself as a man and keeps the local Bailiff Crispin on his toes by out manoeuvring him and his men at every turn….. Don’t misunderstand me the story quickly moves along and isn’t a rehash of this well known legend.

Aubrey our MC has been in love with Ethan for years but it has taken her this long to realise that really he is a selfish ass and not worthy of her attention, on the other hand Crispin who she has spent years thinking is an ass turns out to be rather thoughtful and nice. It takes Aubrey’s realisation of this fact for Ethan to finally notice Aubrey as a woman rather than his friends little sister. Definitely a case of not realising what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone and wanting what you can’t have! There were some fairly unpredictable things in this plot……..I didn’t expect ------ to happen, Well I’m not going to give that away am I! But there were a couple of things that surprised me and I liked that.

I did notice a few typo’s, ‘out’ instead of ‘our’ wrong tense and things like that, they weren’t excessive but they were noticeable, it didn’t take away my enjoyment of the story but I have deducted point 5 from my rating because of them.

This is a really entertaining book with love, lust, action, intrigue, humour, stress, happiness and sadness and is well worth taking the time out of your day to read.

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