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Rebels of the 512: A 3-Day Novel

Rebels of the 512: A 3-Day Novel - Laura Roberts 3.5*

Written in only 72 hours this was Laura Roberts entry in Canada’s 3 day Novel Contest.

Just a week before the start of the new term, History teacher Suzie Jimenez received an E-mail from the head teacher informing her that due to Governor Nick Harry’s budget cuts their school would be closing it’s doors indefinitely and she was fired. Angry, confused and looking for answers she contacts all the other teachers and together they set up a protest march in front of the Capitol building. This is just the beginning of what turns into a full on battle between the people and the state. But it’s no ordinary war this one not only has the ‘evil politicians’ but they share the stage with ninja’s and pirates in this tongue in cheek political novella.

‘Rebels of the 512’ is a satirical novella about Texan politics. Being neither a Texan nor an American, a lot of the references are lost on me but this in no way takes away my understanding of the plot. Politicians are the same world over and the subject normally sends me to sleep. Amazingly this book didn’t have the yawn factor I imagined it would, Laura Roberts is witty and her ability to write humour kept a smile on my face to the end.

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