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Forbidden Era

Forbidden Era - Amanda Mondoux
Myraza did not know what to think when a knight in ‘not so’ shining armour came to her tower room and asked her if she would allow him to rescue her. She didn’t think she needed to be rescued and was quite happy and safe in her own little ‘high up’ room. Curiosity of a world she had never seen won over so she decided to go with him and was dragged into a whole new world full of adventure, confusion and magic.

A very interesting story with a medieval feel to it. I found the story quite slow in the first 40 pages or so with not much indication of where the plot was going, but the pace picked up after that managing to grab my interest and keep me curious. I enjoyed the use of metaphors and similes and the varied vocabulary was quite refreshing.

On occasion I found all the different characters a little confusing, the unusual names made it hard to keep them straight in my head, and as their names gave no clue to gender I sometimes had to read back to confirm if I was reading about a male or female. This got easier as I read on and learned who was who. At no point did I predict the outcome. The twists and turns kept me guessing throughout the book and I was unable to decide who I could trust, this built tension and excitement in all the right places. Overall I think this is a wonderful book with a unique storyline and a great start to what could be and exciting series.

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