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I Believe You

I Believe You - Low Kay Hwa I Believe You by Low Kay Hwa

2.5 Stars

Joanna believes she is cursed and that every time she speaks to someone, her words will harm them. Not wanting to hurt anyone she isolates herself, refusing to speak to anyone, anywhere, even at school. Joanna has just one friend; Landy, who she confides in and who seems to be the only person immune from the curse. On the first day of school Jacky, a local boy tries to befriend her and he refuses to give up no matter how much she ignores him. Will he also be affected by her curse?

Written in what I can only describe as broken English, the style took me a little while to get used to and it didn’t have the flow I normally like as I read. I found the characters lacked depth and descriptive writing was none existent so I wasn’t able to become engrossed in the story. There was an interesting little touch where a book was mentioned by one of the characters and the book in the story was actually written by this author, a good bit of self promo that I haven’t come across before.

Overall it was an interesting story with a couple of twists but it had an uncomplicated plot and was quite simply written.

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