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The Road to Dark Desire

The Road to Dark Desire - Brooklynn Rivers

Skyler Weston and her friend Josie accidentally happen across an injured man on the road, they carry him to a nearby cabin in the forest where Skyler nurses him back to health. Skyler knew that he was some kind of highway man because of the way he was dressed but she didn’t realise he was the infamous Ellesbrooke bandit.

Quentin had been forced into this life of treachery after he and his brother Douglas were conned out of their home and inheritance. Together they were determined to get it back but it wasn’t an easy task with a bounty on his head and half the county out to kill him.

Innocent maidens, ruggedly handsome men on horse back, lust, danger and hero’s OMG can the scene set be anymore romantic? I loved this book! I was totally drawn in and could not stop reading, finishing the whole thing in one day (With a totally ignored and grumpy family as a result!!) The Road to Dark Desire is full of action and adventure it’s fast moving and there is constantly something happening to keep the reader turning the pages.

Brooklynn Rivers easy writing style drew me in and I was quickly lost in the plot, living alongside the characters feeling their mood and enjoying the ride. I loved the fact that when Skyler was in danger Quentin would do anything, even risk his life to save her, and I especially liked that Skyler wasn’t some wimpy woman and was tough enough to do the same for him. The pair were a perfect match and the chemistry jumped off the pages. I would highly recommend this book to all fans of Historical Romance, you won’t be disappointed!

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