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Doppelganger - Milda Harris Doppelganger by Milda Harris

3.5 Stars

OMG it was a major cliff-hanger NOOooo!!

Citrus and Aedan found themselves in a very unusual position when they turned up at school one morning to find themselves, or rather their doubles, already in their class. The pair soon realise that something strange is happening in their town and their class mates are being kidnapped and replaced by doppelgangers. How they avoided being taken they don’t know but the race is on to find their friends before something awful happens to them.

This book had me turning the pages from start to finish, I was so curious as to what was happening and where these doppelgangers came from. I haven’t come across a storyline quite like this one before and found the whole thing totally unpredictable. Some of the scenes did drag on and feel a little irrelevant to the story slowing the pace in parts but the ‘need to know’ kept me hooked. One major twist had me really shocked, I did NOT see it coming!

When I was up to 90% (I read the kindle version) and we were at a fairly crucial point in the plot I was devastated to find the book ended and the last 10% was an excerpt from a totally different book…..How can you do this to me??? Book 2 is coming soon……..but when is soon?? I need to know…NOW!!!

Overall this was a very interesting read, it had humour, adventure, suspense and intrigue. It is a comfortable read with a natural voice and I enjoyed it.

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