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Hellhound Awakened (Kasadya, #1)

Hellhound Awakened (Kasadya, #1) - Karen Swart 3.5 Stars

Being born from a Hellhound and a fae, Kasadya’s destiny was already written. She could live along side humans but she couldn’t interact with them, and she was to spend her life trying to redeem herself for the sins of the Hellhounds who came before her. She was not happy about her fate and was even less happy when her parents decided it was time for her to go to the ‘Hellhouse’ to learn the ‘trade’! Kasadya was in training and she had the strictest coach in the school -just her luck- but would his teachings be enough to prepare her for what was about to come?

There are a variety of characters all with different personalities who blended together make for an interesting cast. Kasadya is what I would call a typical teenager even though she isn’t human. She has the moany attitude of so many teens I have come across, this helped to make her real and believable. ‘Kasadya’ is a great story made more enjoyable by Karen Swart’s writing style which is relaxed and informal with natural sounding narrative. The plot isn’t that unique and it’s quite predictable but still fun and entertaining to read.

Clearly the start of a series from the way the story ended, I am looking forward to the next instalment of this fantasy adventure with the girl and her friends.

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