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Willow (Blood Vine, #1)

Willow (Blood Vine, #1) - Amy Richie

Living with her guardian, Bella, and annoying younger sister Ivy, Willow is not happy when they have to move home…again! Starting a new school is never easy but when you constantly have to watch what you say and keep secrets about yourself, it makes finding new friends difficult and tiresome. A few overly curious boys at school pique Willows interest, but it’s only when Blake from the council shows up that Willow learns the truth about her situation. Willow fully understands that as a female she will one day have to lead her own pack of males, but at only seventeen she thought she had more time to prepare for adulthood.

Willow is a werewolf story with a difference. It is interesting and makes a nice change to see the female in charge and leading the pack, I am so used to ‘Alpha-males’ that I hadn’t given any thought to just how outdated ‘our’ mind set is until I saw things from this new perspective! As leader Willow is full of insecurities, she doesn’t automatically know what is right or even best for her pack, sometimes she makes mistakes but when it comes to loyalty she is behind them and they are behind her 100%. I definitely enjoyed the refreshing take on this fairly common premise.

Amy Richie is a competent writer with the ability to draw the reader in with her easy flowing prose and varied vocabulary. Though her idea has some familiar patterns it contains enough original material to make the story unique adding flare to this well used subject matter.