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More Than Memories

More Than Memories - Kristen James
After a fall left Molly with no memories of her life she decided to go in search of answers about her past. Going from one town to another hoping someone will recognise her she finally happens along Trent, a local sheriff. He knows her and more than that he loves her and is willing to help her unravel the mysteries of her ‘leaving’ because he will do anything to have the love of his life back for good.

This is the second book I have read by Kristen James and I enjoyed it much more than the other one (A Cowboy for Christmas). The characters were believable and the situation Molly found herself in was interesting. The story was not totally unique but it did hold my attention to the end, I really wanted to know what had happened to make Molly and her family up and leave town so suddenly four years ago-It had to be a good reason to make her leave a man like Trent!

The whole point of a romance novel is for the reader (usually women) to fall for the lead guy and I did that. He had the perfect job, to serve and protect, and he was so patient and tender towards Molly that I couldn’t help but swoon. I enjoyed Kristen’s writing style it was easy to lose myself in the story and I quickly read it in one sitting. There were a few editing issues but for some reason they didn’t bother me, I picked the book up at the right time, in the right frame of mind and I’m glad I did.

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