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Eternally Yours

Eternally Yours - Gina Ardito

I don’t know what I was expecting when I picked up ’Eternally Yours’, but it wasn’t this! I hadn’t read the blurb… I rarely do, but from the title and the cover I expected just another run of the mill love story. This is a love story but it is not ‘run of the mill’, it is a journey to the unknown, in a place outside my thought process with an imperfect couple and the ultimate romance.

The story begins as a disheartened Jodie commits suicide. She has very low self esteem and a distorted view of life, which in the end causes her to give up and take this drastic course of action. Being paired with Luc to help with her transition is a position neither of them wants to be in, it soon leads to tension and an interesting interaction between the two. When we get to the predictable part that they get ‘together’ we are not given smut or crude scenes, our couple does not have sex, they ‘meld’ and they do so in such an electrifyingly explosive way that their love is beautiful and not tacky.

Gina Ardito (aka Katherine Brandon writer of Historical Romance novels) created a world that I had thought about, but not pictured quite this way before. Her imagination and writing talent created a scene that I could easily visualise, from Jodie’s scars and Luc’s burning prison to the council of elders with their questionable punishments. This is the afterlife but our characters aren’t angels, there are no harps, no pearly gates, no heaven and no hell. Every preconception you have about life after death will be totally wiped out when you read this book and replaced with impressions so clear and new that you may just believe they could actually be real!

Going beyond story telling and teetering on the edge of a lesson in forgiveness, this timeless tale about two tortured souls will have you smiling, sighing and possibly dabbing away a tear before you get to the end…enjoy!

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