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Destine (Watcher's Trilogy, #1)

Destine (Watcher's Trilogy, #1) - Katherine Polillo

Seventeen year old Michelle Cross’ life has been pretty much normal and fairly quiet up to now, but once she goes into senior year all that changes. Her best friend Cami deserts her, Cami’s boyfriend Alex turns out to be the devil incarnate and her own boyfriend Gabe may just be an angel cast out from heaven. It soon comes to light that the apocalypse is upon us and Michelle is the one chosen to save the world.

‘Destine’ is an angel vs. demon story with humanity caught up in the middle. It moves along nicely with plenty of action and a mix of characters to keep you interested and turning the pages right to the end. Although there are quite a few biblical quotes/proverbs, this does not read like the Bible and is not in any way preachy.

Katherine Polillo is a high school History teacher who combined her knowledge of Theology with her love of YA literature to produce an exciting and well written adventure. I’m sure her close work with young adults helped her to mould her cast into realistic adolescents. The dialogue is witty and befitting of the characters, who are typical teenagers with an appropriate and believable attitude.

In Destine Michelle might bring an end to this battle but the war is not over yet and I can’t wait for the rest of the trilogy, Devoted and Destroyed, to find out what happens next.

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