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A Light in the Dark

A Light in the Dark - Eric R Johnston A Light in the Dark by Eric R Johnston

4 Stars

The twins are now 18 and Gaylen has always been aware of his missing brother. Banished to the desert, suffering continuous pain and the feeling of loss, he travels with his ‘father’ in search of Julian….. Being brought up in Noremway, Julian’s life was mapped out by others. His past was hidden from him and he had no memory of Gaylen’s existence. He only begins to question things when he happens across the book of Ragas, a book he was told no-longer existed. When the truth comes out Julian realises his whole existence is a lie.

As with ‘The Inner Darkness’ this book has a very complicated plot. The elaborate details take maximum concentration to keep straight and I had to work hard to stay on track. I wasn’t always entirely sure what was going on, and became confused at certain points trying to decipher what was actually happening.

Personally I found this book hard going and I struggled to the end. It was not an issue with the story, the execution of the plot or the writing style, it was purely personal taste so I do not want my aversion to the book to put off other readers.

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