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Chill Run

Chill Run - Russell Brooks,  Lisa Martinez,  Victory  Crayne Chill Run by Russell Brooks

3.5 Stars

After writing three novels and selling two of them cheap online, Eddie is desperate to have a publisher take his third book. Joking around with his friends, Corey and Jordyn, they conjure up a plan to get his name in the media which will hopefully get him published through his notoriety. The plan goes a little wrong when instead of being caught in a compromising situation with a famous person, that person ends up dead and Eddie and Corey are framed for the murder.

This thriller is fast moving, filled to the brim with action, completed with a dash of humour and a touch of romance. The main characters are fully developed and mostly realistic. Corey’s little embarrassment of his tag as ‘worst singer,’ after his appearance on Canadian Pop Idol, seemed a little random, but I suppose in this day and age with all the talent shows on TV this is reality for some people!

Chill Run isn’t a full on technical crime story bursting with pages of police procedure, our MC’s are people not police. It is quite a simple story, fairly basic and straightforward, with easy to follow twists and turns. Overall it is entertaining for a quick read.

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