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Pandora's Succession

Pandora's Succession - Russell Brooks

CIA operative, Ridley Fox, is one of the best agents they have, though since the loss of his fiancée, his obsession has been to track down those responsible. He knows who they are, a weapons consortium known as the Arms of Ares but needs to get close to those at the top.

He is captured but with the help of an informant manages to escape with knowledge that the Arms of Ares have developed a biological weapon, known as Pandora that can wipe out civilisation as we know it. Against the clock he must locate the weapon but who can he trust. There is a new threat that has its spies deep within agencies worldwide. He turns to a woman from his past, a woman who has no love for the man who left her to a terrible fate.

Russell Brooks jumps straight into the action from the very first page and we immediately know what kind of man Ridley Fox is. A typical strong but flawed character which is well developed. The story is believable, though a little messy. At first we read about the deadly bio-weapon and terrorists and then lead down the path of evil scientist and global annihilation. There is a lot of information to take in, with agents and double agents galore, as well as very detailed descriptions of the weapons that each person carries, which was a little much for me. At times I felt it was more of a list than a story, though it had great pace and the odd surprise and I did want to know how he would survive the insurmountable odds stacked against him.

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