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The Mystic Wolves (Mystic Wolves, #1)

The Mystic Wolves (Mystic Wolves, #1) - Belinda Boring The Mystic Wolves by Belinda Boring

2 Stars

I was given both ‘Mystic Wolves’ and ‘Forget me Not’ for review and when I began reading I thought I had accidentally started with book 2. The book began with a ‘pack’ football game that ended with a BBQ. Finding they had no sauce for the steaks, Darcy and Jasmine go into town to buy some, but end up being cornered by a gunman. The gunman was apparently a close friend of the pack and was secretly hoping to have Jasmine as his mate…even though he was a human not a wolf. At this point I was rather confused, so I stopped reading and went to check that I had infact started with book 1 of the series….I had!

By not having any background information it left me unable to connect to the characters. the fact that the gunman, ‘Gary’ was a close friend of the pack should have added shock value to the incident, but because we had not seen him before the attack the horror element was lost. It was mentioned that Darcy was new to the pack but there was no explanation of why she had come into this pack or what her life was like with her previous pack. There were things we should have been told but weren’t and this made the read quite frustrating.

The relationship between Darcy and Mason, her soon to be mate, was very strange. It was important that Darcy be ‘pure’ for the ritual, so the two had never ‘got it on’, but they were constantly making out and had no problems showering together or spending the night together. It is slightly unbelievable that young people could be put in these situations and not get carried away, especially as they were so ‘hot’ for each other!

It is no secret that I HATE cliffhangers and under normal circumstances I would be tearing my hair out when I get to the end of a book and don’t have the answers I want. That was not the case with this story. Cliffhangers that bug me are ones that have been a build up throughout the book and when we get to the end and expect a conclusion we are left with a blank page. This cliffhanger came out of left field, it wasn’t part of the story until the last page of the book and I got the distinct impression it was written as an after thought of ‘how can I get readers to want to carry on with this series’.

There are a lot of things I didn’t like about this work, the unnatural dialogue, the unbelievable interactions, the thin story line, the tagged on cliffhanger and the poor editing….(a lot of missing words, quite annoying!) but I did like the cover and I did like the overall idea. I am hoping that as we get through the series—I will be reading book 2, and then book 3 for the blog tour, that Belinda has gained experience and has been able to decide which information needs to be included in her books because of relevance and which don’t because they slow the pace.

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