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Forget Me Not (Mystic Wolves, #2)

Forget Me Not (Mystic Wolves, #2) - Belinda Boring Forget me not by Belinda boring

3 Stars

Book two of the Mystic Wolves series was a definite improvement on book one. The lack of background information in the first book wasn’t an issue here, which made the whole thing a lot less frustrating. Also a much better job had been done on the editing.

I still found the execution of the plot disappointing. The scorned ex girlfriend trying to wrangle her way back into Masons life had great potential for an exciting, drama ridden read. It fell short of that on many counts, and the book was severely let down.

Amber could have been more conniving, more cunning and more calculating in order to work her way back into Masons good books. Instead we were left feeling flat with lack of tension and nothing more than a young girl telling a few lies. Just as I thought it was going to get good when Darcy fell ill, she was cured before we had any fear for her life, and even the wind up to the big showdown didn’t build up enough pressure to blow up, it just fizzled out with a pair of silver hand cuffs and an after explanation of how Mason had fought the magic Amber had tried to use on him.

It was interesting how Belinda name dropped J R Ward’s ‘BDB’ and Stephanie Meyers Twilight series. Both of which are sets of books devoured by Vampire & werewolf junkies and I’m sure Belinda has the ambition to be in the same league as those writers. She isn’t there yet. I am pleased to see that she didn’t borrow ideas from those books, although her plot lines are not unique they didn’t follow the path of those particular series’.

‘Forget Me Not’ is a quick read, I finished in one sitting, and as my blog is included on the blog stop tour, during the next few weeks I will be reading book three in the series ‘Testing Fate’. I am looking forward to it, if it shows the level of improvement I saw between book one and two, I could be in for an exciting read.

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