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The Saved Saint

The Saved Saint - Anna Jones Buttimore

4 Stars

The Saved Saint is a well written book. Based on a true story we hear from the perspective of various characters about their own spiritual journeys. Harley and Simon are friends, both have strong religious beliefs but belong to different denominations, Harley belonging to the Latter day Saints and Simon a born again Christian. After retuning from spending two years as a missionary abroad, Harley shocks his family by questioning the ‘Mormon teachings’ he as always been faithful to and begins spending time with the born again Christians.

Personally I am not a big fan of religious based stories. I find them very preachy and controversial. I am an atheist and I constantly hear myself groaning as I become more and more frustrated with what I am reading, especially when I read about one religious group belittling another. They all profess to love and respect, yet they have no tolerance for each others differing beliefs. Why the 4 stars? Well as I said the book is well written, it is well edited and even though I didn’t enjoy the read I know there is a market out there for this book.

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