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Parallel Visions (A Teen Psychic Novel)

Parallel Visions (A Teen Psychic Novel) - Cheryl Rainfield

Chronic asthmatic Kate has an added, unusual symptom, when she has an asthma attack. As her vision blurs with lack of oxygen and dots form before her eyes she sees images of things about to happen. No-one believes she can predict the future until she watches a young girl about to take her life and tells the girls brother, Gil, what she has witnessed. The visions become quite frightening as she sees not only her sister die but also her own murder. Can Kate convince those closest to her that they are in danger before it’s too late?……

With Cheryl’s descriptions and knowledge of the feelings during an asthma attack she must either be asthmatic or have done a lot of research. I am asthmatic and though I have not had an attack for many years (touch wood) I was instantly taken back to those scary moments when I struggled to breathe, because the images she painted were so vivid and true.

Book one of ‘The Teen Psychic’ series offers a storyline that is different, and attention-grabbing with a great hook. I haven’t read anything where the protagonist was an asthmatic and forced an attack almost killing herself in order to help other people. It was interesting and I enjoyed it, I’m looking forward to see what Cheryl brings us next.

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