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Guilt of the Innocent (Haunted Dreams Series Book 1) - Lindsay Anne Kendal

I often find with short stories that they don’t give enough information, the characters feel two dimensional and the stories feel like they build up to a rushed ending. Not so with this novella. Our main character Rayne is fully rounded. We are given information about her background, can feel the emotional place she is in right now as we follow her through this, her latest ordeal, and it all winds up to a fitting end.

I have read three books by this author before and have to say this is, by far, her best work. It is clear that she has taken on board reader feedback for her previous novels, worked hard to improve her writing skills, and succeeded!

If you are looking for an interesting quick read with likable characters and a couple who are clearly in love, this is definitely worth your time.

I was honoured to be given an ARC of this book for review. Thank you