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Catching the Barramundi

Catching the Barramundi - Rebecca  Burns

Catching the Barramundi is a collection of short stories, each one different but with a similar underlying theme. The blurb describes them as ‘sudden, shattering, moments of realisation and creeping, gradual self-awareness’…I could not top that description because it explains perfectly the type of stories they are. Varying in lengths they are perfect for a quick reading fix during your coffee break, or on your train journey to work.

Short story compilations are ideal for modern busy lives but I’m not a great fan of them myself. I feel there isn’t time to get to know your characters or connect with them, which is what I like to do when I read a book, and shorts just don’t cut it for me. (That is personal taste though and not a slight on this authors work)

As for the quality, some of the stories stood out for me more than others. ‘Hades Landing’ for instance. It was unusual and interesting. Lance went back to his home town but the place had been bulldozed by a mining company, as he was surveying the mounds of rubble he sees Jenny; a local, who has come to see the place too. They chat for a while and then go their separate ways. Jenny’s story was quite touching and the way the story ended was, …. Well it just ended!

If shorts are for you this is a good and worthy read.

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