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Chasing Adonis

Chasing Adonis - Gina Ardito Chasing Adonis by Gina Ardito

4 stars

Love, love, love oh how difficult it can be! Adara is destined to be with Ted, like it or not, but it is Shane Griffin who catches her eye and makes her heart skip a beat. For me as the reader I couldn’t help but think of Ted as the smarmy, too good to be attractive, kind of guy, so I rooted for the rugged imperfect Shane all the way. Who gets the girl in the end? Well you’ll have to read it to find out wont you!

Gina Ardito is an able writer, her love stories always manage to build up those emotions that we ‘soft at heart’ ladies want from our romance novels. The angst, the secret looks, the doubt and ultimately the time when our MC’s find themselves unable to resist each other any longer. I am a fan of her work and always walk away from her books feeling content.

Chasing Adonis is a worthy read, it has a mix of mortals and immortals with gods and goddesses appearing in forms we don’t expect and a back story of endangered life and time on the run. There is plenty for everyone in this great read, and I highly recommend it.

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