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Deception (The Transformed) by Stacy Claflin

4 Stars

I was immediately drawn in by this story. It was clear from the beginning that there was something different about Alexis. Her parents plainly favoured her younger sister, showering her with expensive gifts and pricey clothes, yet not doing the same for Alexis. Once the light bulbs began breaking all over the house it made me want to know more about this hard done to girl and her cruel parents.

The introduction into the story was interesting, the scene set did not indicate to me which direction the tale was to take, it put me in mind of a film I’d seen with my kids a few years back called ‘Return to Witch Mountain’…. Not because it was the same story but it had the same ‘feel’ about it and from then on I was expecting that type of story… NOT what I got though!

The moment the truth about Alexis was revealed I have to say I was disappointed. There were so many alternatives that she could have been, I really wanted her to be something else, and was quite put out for a while that this was what she was!…. yeah no spoilers here I’m not telling you her secret. The book did redeem itself because after my initial frustration I soon got over it and was pulled back into the story enjoying the read to the end!

I would recommend this to any lovers of the paranormal genre.

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