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The Last Gift

The Last Gift - Scarlet Black

This is a touching book depicting what Christmas was like for Deborah throughout her life, and how her experiences shaped her feelings about the holiday season.

Based on a true story we learn of her childhood memories and incidents that happened while she lived with her alcoholic parents. It was quite disturbing and sad to think of a child suffering in such a way. In later years Deborah found a friend where she least expected it, in her mother-in- law. Their friendship grew and over the years Jeans influence changed how Deborah felt about this time of year.

The Last Gift is a quick read, I finished in one sitting and was quite moved by the book. Scarlet Black successfully built the emotion allowing the reader to connect with Deborah and invest in her journey. I enjoyed the writing style it was fluid and well written. I would recommend having a box of tissues by your side while reading.