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I Only Have Eyes for You (The Sullivans, #4)

I Only Have Eyes for You (The Sullivans, #4) - Bella Andre
I really don’t know how many romance novels I have read in my life, but it’s a lot, so I definitely have enough experience with this genre to judge a good from a bad. (in other words ‘way too cheesy’, ‘just so-so’ or ‘awwww’.) And, without doubt, this book falls into the ‘awwww’ category!

I love family based romance series’ where every book can be taken alone, or you can read the whole set and follow each sibling on their own journey of love. The bigger the family the better, by the end you feel like you know them all so well that they could be your friends, and it’s sad to leave them behind. Although I started with book 4, Sophie and Jake’s story, I can tell from Bella Andre’s ‘voice’ that I have found myself a keeper, and will go on to read every one of them.

I wont fill my review with plot details, but I will tell you a little about Sophie and Jake, and why I enjoyed their story so much….

Jake: WOW. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s…. Inked!!! *drool*… Then to top it off, he has a secret that leaves him feeling like he just isn’t good enough for anyone, let alone someone like Sophie. Give a hunk a vulnerable side and you make him irresistible to all women, of all ages, well all the ones with a heart!

Sophie: Nicknamed ‘Nice’ by her family, and with a chosen career as a librarian, she does not appear to be Jake’s type at all, but as the old adage says ‘never judge a book by its cover!’ This is definitely the case where Sophie is concerned, and once she takes it upon herself to try something new, it doesn’t take long before Jakes protective side begins to show.

Bella Andre is a new author to me, I haven’t come across her work before, but I will be searching out every book she has written, and adding them to my wish list asap. I suggest you all run out today and buy a copy so you can see for yourself how easy it is to fall in love with the Sullivan’s.

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