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The Forger

The Forger - Shannon Neprily

This is a strange story about the warring between demons and humans that has been going on for centuries. Only being allowed to observe and not able to aid in anyway, the angels group together and create ‘The Forger’ a being, neither good nor evil, whose purpose is to choose the side he feels is worthy and help to end the war. In this book we follow a group of demon hunters as they try to protect mankind against the most recent demon threat, while the forger in his latest form has to decide whose side he is on.

I have mixed feelings about this book, I liked it, it is fairly well written and has some great characters, especially Aridan, an unusual childlike creature who is soft of heart and quite loveable. But on the flip side I found it slow and kind of repetitive, different words but the same information. Although there is action, it isn’t what I would call ‘an action packed story,’ it has a lot of down time, which slows the pace for me.

The characters were three dimensional, and I was able to connect with them, I became quite emotional during certain scenes. The whole idea was unique, I found the creation of ‘The Forger’ original, the things he could do were fascinating and I liked the way he wasn’t really complete on his own, he was part of a whole and needed his brothers to help him.

I’m not sure if this is the first of a series or a ‘stand alone’ book. I felt this particular chapter was closed but we were left with an ending that would make it possible to follow on with further stories.

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