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Acadian Waltz - Alexandrea Weis

Nora, a 30 year old self assured woman, is adamant she doesn’t need all the trappings of a man, children and the picket fence life style that her mother is constantly trying to force on her. That is until she meets John, a handsome doctor who offers her the world and makes her believe ‘all that’ is exactly what she wants. The whirlwind romance and her mothers elaborate wedding arranging soon become too much for Nora, so when an old family friend needs her help she is only too willing to take a two week time out and go to their aid.

I became really frustrated with Nora when she began to lose herself during her relationship with John. She was clearly a woman who knew her own mind, she had her own home, her own income and had no need to depend on anyone, emotionally or financially, so when her personality did a 180 degree turn from independent to door mat, it seemed strange and I couldn’t understand it. Then in walked Jean Marc and the tables turned right back around again.

Jean Marc was the typical rough diamond. He was as handsome as sin with a body to die for but had a dark side to him that wasn’t quite on the right side of legal. Nothing is more exciting than a man willing to break the rules and Jean Marc played the part well! It didn’t take long for Nora to notice him and doubts about the way her life was going played heavily on her mind.

Acadian Waltz is a contemporary romance novel with a touch of intrigue, a dash of suspense and a little bit of danger thrown in. The combination made for the perfect read…. for me anyway!…and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Alexandrea Weis is a new author to me but her writing style and story telling was a pleasure to read and I will be searching out more of her work. Highly recommended.

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