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Life on the Edge (Edge, #1)

Life on the Edge (Edge, #1) - Jennifer Comeaux

While training for the Olympics with her skating partner Chris, Emily finds herself being easily distracted by her changing feelings towards their coach Sergei. When she discovers he feels the same way it doesn’t take long for them to move on to the next level even though the pair know a relationship between them would be very wrong.

Life on the edge is a contemporary romance, but the detail given to the skating side of the story is very in depth and takes up a large portion of the storyline. Clearly the author is knowledgeable about the subject, which made this different to your average romance novel and lean towards YA coming of age novel. I was totally invested in the pairs skating performances, hoping they would do well each time they stepped onto the ice and I felt the anticipation build as the time came for every competition. I’m not sure if I felt the same about the romance side of the story because I was a little angry with Sergei and the fact that he gave into his feelings and allowed things to grow between them. In his position it was unprofessional and it left me feeling disappointed in him for the choices he made.

I wasn’t fully absorbed in this book, it did take me a while to get into and about a week to read but overall I enjoyed the story. Jennifer Comeaux has a comfortable writing style, her writing flows well, the dialogue is natural and her characters feel real. I would read more work by this author and recommend this book to any romance or ice dance/figure skating fans.

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