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Monster (Impossible, #1)

Monster (Impossible, #1) - Julia Sykes

Kidnapped and forced to save the life of a criminal, Claudia has two choices, either to stay with her kidnappers indefinitely, or die. Not great options, but she has an idea… to win their trust and then escape. Her plan almost works, but she hadn’t counted on Sean’s ability to fight sleep!

There were a couple of paths the story took that I didn’t like, they made me groan because I felt they weren’t necessary. Firstly I didn’t like the attack after Claudia escaped her captors, or the fact that Sean managed to find and save her when he was obviously weary from the drugs he had been given. It seemed pointless and I couldn’t help but think ‘how unlikely is it that that would happen?’ It didn’t really have a point in the story either, she was already on the way to getting close to Sean so she didn’t need the extra drama to push her into his bed.

Secondly, the Stockholm syndrome I could accept, especially as Sean was hot and was constantly protecting her from Bradley, but the introduction of the contents of his locked drawer were, well, a little… ‘Really? Why?’ again, they didn’t need to be here, the relationship was already unusual and didn’t require the added complication, that came totally out of the blue, to confirm it.

‘Monster’ is an unusual, and unpredictable story. I was kept guessing to the end what the outcome would be. The finale was how it should have been, though I was totally surprised by it, I think it went the right way. I am really curious to see what happens next and look forward to the second instalment of the ‘Impossible series’.

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