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Unhappily Ever After: Fairy Tales with a Twist

Unhappily Ever After: Fairy Tales with a Twist - Melissa Ringsted Unhappily Ever After is a collection of eleven short stories from an assortment of authors. They vary in length but all follow the same theme of well-known fairy tales with a bit of a twist.

The stories are amusing quick reads, some more so than others. I particularly enjoyed ‘A Wolf’s Tale’ by Eric White, which told the story of Little Red Riding Hood from the wolfs point of view, and the poem ‘Not so Perfect’ by Crystal Clifton,

‘Jordina’ by Nikki Anderson was an unusual one and I haven’t worked out which fairy tale it actually equates to, but it was for sure the most intriguing story in the collection.

Anthologies are good way to try new authors, and I have found a few writers here whose work I would like to read more of. I would recommend this to all short story lovers.

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